Andrew Mee

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I am currently looking for full-time contract work in London, UK.

iCal icon Availability: Contracted until March 2012

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Hello, I'm Andrew and I am a front-end web developer. What does that mean? Well put simply, it means I have a great passion for building beautiful, efficient and elegant websites. Websites that draw you in and engage you; websites that do nifty things!

I do this by creating enjoyable and easy-to-use interfaces from clean, semantic markup that just makes sense, flexible and cross-browser-reliable stylesheets, and unobtrusive DOM-massaging javascript.

But enough with my spiel. If you really want to get to know my work, have a browse through some projects I've worked on (below) or view my CV on LinkedIn.


“[Andrew] works quickly and effectively and has a keen eye for both user experience and visual design ... He's a great communicator and a positive force within any team.”

M. You,

“Andrew is an absolutely top notch Front End Developer - an expert level of knowledge, very personable, and unnervingly *fast* as well - there are few people who can code so quickly, never mind to the standard that Andrew does.”

J. Robinson,