Case study

BMC rebrand

BioMed Central
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The brief: Implement a total redesign of BioMed Central in line with an ongoing rebrand of the business.

Creating a complete site redesign based on a rebrand that was still in progress (and by an external agency at that), one of the key challenges to overcome was closing the gap between these two parallel flows of work.

As the new brand evolved and new assets were created, we needed to be able to quickly incorporate them into our designs and development and stay aligned with any changes.

Logos and colour palettes were some of the first brand inputs received.

To aid this, a living styleguide was created on the live website.

This allowed us to document high-level design elements of the new brand as they were fed to us from the external design agency. It also functioned as a base around which we could develop our new technical and design framework, even before any page designs had begun.

The styleguide provided a testbed for experimentation with typography and also doubled as documentation of the decisions made to date.

As the rebrand matured and we started to define more page designs, elements from the new site were added to the styleguide to provide reference to the growing pattern library.