Hello I’m Andrew, a front-end developer who’s been building for the web since 2004. I've created this space to feature some of the topics and projects I'm most passionate about — you'll find them below!

Work with me

I am currently available for full-time contract work in London.
Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

You can also view my CV on LinkedIn or check me out on GitHub.

Andrew is an absolutely top notch Front End Developer - an expert level of knowledge, very personable, and unnervingly *fast* as well - there are few people who can code so quickly, never mind to the standard that Andrew does.

— J. Robinson, Head of Front End Development

[Andrew] single-handedly wrote the front-end code for Songkick 2.0--a daunting task which he handled with calm efficiency! He works quickly and effectively and has a keen eye for both user experience and visual design. I really enjoyed collaborating with Andrew as we talked through design issue

— M. You, Chief Product Officer and Cofounder