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Dublin Doodle

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When I first fired up Dreamweaver (oh yes) all those years ago as a teenager and started getting confused by framesets (oh no!), I never for a second thought I might end up writing software to let people draw in light on the side of a building.

But for St Patrick’s Day 2013 that’s exactly what I was called to do - working with those bright creative minds at Hugo&Cat.

How exactly? Using JavaScript and Canvas I created a drawing tool which allowed people to scribble away on a picture of Trinity College in Dublin. To make it realistic, each stroke was blended algorithmically into the night-time photograph to give the doodler a real appreciation of what it would look like projected onto the side of the college.

Simultaneously, each stroke was faithfully recorded — both the properties of the pen used, and the coordinates along its length — so that the whole drawing process could be played back as an animation when viewing other entrants to the competition.

Another script operated offline to recreate each winning doodle in high definition, and automatically saved each rendered frame to be plugged into the projectors on the day. You can see more of the amazing creations below.